Statement at E4 Congress

Anne Graham Lotz, AnGel Ministries

Anne Graham Lotz sanoi, että jos kaikki maat ottaisivat vastuuta oman kansansa evankelioimisesta niin kuin Suomi, koko maailma pian kuulisi hyvät uutiset: synnit saa anteeksi, löytyy rauha Jumalan kanssa ja ikuisen elämän toivon saa Jeesuksen Kristuksen kautta.

The rallying cry for world evangelism which was sounded at the International Congress for Itinerant Evangelism in Amsterdam 2000 has resounded clearly at E4. I have been personally blessed and encouraged by the partisipants´ commitment to the Gospel that has crossed all barriers of age, denomination and gender.

If all nations took responsibility for evangelising their own people as Finland is doing, the entire world would soon hear the wonderful Good News of sins forgiven, peace with God, and the hope of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

As we leave E4, the challenge is to stop talking about evangelism and just do it!